Have you been interviewed by Camilla Stein, and/or your film or book has been reviewed by Camilla Stein and you would like to share your testimony of working together with Camilla? Please leave the comment in the section under this post where it says ‘leave a reply’.

Did you enjoy reading CSReview, did you learn something new, met someone you like, read an uplifting story or discovered something you didn’t know was out there? Please let us know in the comments section below this post!

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  •  “I was interviewed by Camilla Stein upon the release of my novel, THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK. One noticeable fact that made the interview a pleasure to be a part of was that Camilla actualy read the book prior to the interview. After dozens (if not more) of interviewers who would simply read the synopsis (or even less…the book’s inside jacket), to have someone asking the in-depth questions, while knowing each nuance of the story, brought out details that no one else delved into. The interview was extremely well organized, and upon its publication it was viewed/read by people around the world.”

Jon D’Amore, screenwriter, author of The Boss Always Sits In The Back


  • “I love the way Camilla sees humanity.  She writes in such a vivid style. Reading her book Space Scrapers, I fell right into the story effortlessly. The human condition seems to have one constant, foibles, and lots of them. Past, present, future, it’s no matter.  I think Camilla Stein sees humanity as well as any one and her keen insights are what make her writing so captivating, that she also transfers into everything else she does.”

Larry Laverty, actor, producer (IMDb page)

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