14 06 2012

METRO 2033

A science fiction thriller has conquered the world as a printed book, originally written in Russian and translated into English, German, Dutch and more, and a hardcore video game by THQ. Written by a Russian author Dmitri Glukhovski, Metro 2033 is an extraordinary product of post-apocalyptic sci fi and a blend of cultural experience in a setting that has been mystified and largely unexplored.

Action in the novel spins off in the Moscow’s metro after an atomic disaster on the surface forces people underground, where a handsome protagonist fights for survival in a most bizarre scenario.

Dmitri Glukhovski succeeds in drawing into his world, now a franchise,  Glukhovski Universe, where the story kicks off immediately from the first pages. The author’s imagination reaches incredible depths, often merging with reality, and leaving his reader wonder what has just happened.

A fantastic combination of mental games and brutal physical force, Metro 2033 highlights people’s inner indestructible nobility, sheds light on the dark side of human nature and poses eternal questions that may or may not have answers.

Following in the footsteps of his infamous predecessors, Dmitri Glukhovski lives up to the expectation – his top class novel reflects beautifully on the best of Russian science fiction with an amazing tradition, celebrating an unprecedented success among international fans and critics.

Today, Metro 2033 is available worldwide, with the book’s most recent release in Benelux by Glagoslav Publications.

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