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Welcome to Camilla Stein Review!

I write on subjects that interest me most, such as science fiction, culture, human values, education, psychology, autism and a few others.

My aim regarding film reviews on this blog is in highlighting movies that had a particular positive effect on me, also movies that don’t reach main stream public, international movies, short movies and movies that have been forgotten.

I do not strive to deliver standard reviews written on the first night after the release of a new film. Instead, I’d rather dig into a digital library and pull out what I consider a masterpiece that caught my eye and deserves to be introduced to my readers.

I’d like to treat my readers with quality films they haven’t heard of, regardless of when and where they were made.

‘BACKSTAGE’ and ‘CSReview Special’ feature interviews with film professionals and authors.

CSReview offers a platform for independent (indie) film and web series makers to promote their work.

If you would like me to run a promo for your film on CSReview, please send an inquiry to my email address, find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Genres of interest include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, psychological thrillers, horror (no slashers and no zombie & vampire movies please!), history, comedy. I will not cover a film that contains erotic, propagandous, ultra violent, anti-semitic and racist content. I am also very careful about religious content, very picky. Adult content at personal discretion.

From time to time I will do book reviews. If you would like me to look at your book, please email me an inquiry including the synopsis of the book, and we’ll take it from there. I will only read manuscripts in PDF format. My preference is for hard sci fi, crime novels, psychological thrillers, war novels, children’s books, non-fiction (psychology, autism, education), popular science. I will not review a book that contains erotic, propagandous, ultra violent, anti-semitic and racist content. Religious content is for my personal discretion.

* Disclaimer: When during book or film screening I see that I cannot become involved due to the conflict with my principles, I will turn the book/film down, but will not give a bad review or pass on a bad opinion to a third party. In fact, here on CSReview you can count on a positive review that highlights hard work on the product.

Special attention to book covers and film posters – to avoid disappointment, please note that reviews will only be released if accompanied by high quality covers/posters. No full or partial nudity, no suggestive images. Occasionally I offer to make a beta book cover or film poster for a book or film in pre-production for social media use before the project’s official promotional material is released. If you need a beta poster/book cover to accompany your interview on CSReview, please mention it in your pitch.

Stay with CSReview, read new reviews and interesting personal stories!


Camilla Stein.


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