18 10 2015


by Nora Jamieson

drA perfect little book about three imperfect women and their life stories, Deranged is a literary gift from a talented author Nora Jamieson to us readers and more so to us women. Each one of us women comes to a point in life when something happens that triggers a transformation, spiritual, mental, physical. Whichever it is and whatever is the reason for it, it does seem like a natural process that we women go through when it is our time to reconnect with the Universe and claim our presence, our contribution and – in the end – our nothingness. The infinity of it all is, in my opinion, what unites all three stories in Nora’s book. The sadness and the determination, the strong spirit of womanhood, and the need to complete the journey before starting a new one. Ashes to ashes, so it is. But Deranged is all about life, learning from the past, carrying something valuable into the future, celebrating the moment. Deranged is also about strength of character. None of the heroines would be where we found them when we read the book if not for their ancestral inherited and practiced often manifestation of character, the vein of steel that we women must have to endure what we have to in the world before us and in the world after us. Ultimately, Deranged is about survival and the cost women pay for it.
Nora Jamieson praises strong women. She also leads her readers towards self-discovery. Her heroines share intimate thoughts and feelings, and in that are tangible, real – and relatable. Also much of the writing is so good and quotable, you almost feel like it’s meant to teach, meant to guide. “…the past lives in the tissues and empty spaces, in the longing and despair, in the stories told and not told, in the shape of a nose or the calling of a soul.” What would you do in their place? Are you going through the same right now? What did you find out about yourself? What does it mean to you? All these questions and more were popping in my head as I kept on reading. Albeit with difficulty and slowly, because I often had to pause and reflect on what I’d just read. And because so much in what I was reading was describing my own inner state at the moment. I felt like I was looking in the mirror and seeing generations of women before me and after me. It is a surreal, totally out of this world experience – more so because the author connects everything into a living breathing organism, the Earth that sustains all forms of life – human, animal… The Earth speaks to us and we all need to listen.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2015. All rights reserved.



One response

5 11 2015
Eva Iken

Would love to read your book and congratulations for the birth of this book , may many people take your writing to their hearts !

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