3 10 2013

The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman

by Jerry Hibbs


This book is for folks who’ve been there, seen it, smelled it, felt it on their own skin, washed it off their hair, sat for hours without electricity – try making coffee when the entire house is unplugged! – or worse, counting goosebumps on a chilly day – because Mr. Fix-It decided to install new heaters in the middle of a winter and dragged the entire household into a messy spinoff that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. For those courageous citizens who had holes in their walls and dust falling off their ceilings, and wind singing a penetrating ode as it passed through their unpatched windows waiting for their turn to be fixed… For those brave men and women who kept standing in the middle of the room that looked like a desecrated Cold War bunker with shreds of wall paper hanging off its walls covered in smudges of mismatched paint. For those astute individuals who did not even blink when the stairs suddenly began missing a couple steps, and kept their cool when the roof went down. For those daring hearts who got lost in Home Depot but managed to find their way to salvation at the check out – and did not utter a word of disapproval at discovering numerous tools and their derivatives that Mr. Fix-It had acquired in their absence.

This book is for everyone who knows what it’s like to live a life of fear that the house with its thin walls will one day succumb to the ever inventive Mr. Fix-It and his ambitions, and who find the only solace in the sense of humor that gets them through the day.

If you are in the situation equal or resembling the described above instances, this book is for you – to get you through the day, unharmed.

Enjoy The Hilarious Adventures Of The Home Handyman and may neither a hammer nor a nail land on your finger.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2012. All rights reserved.



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