12 02 2013

Andrei Tarkovsky: The Collector of Dreams

by Layla Alexander-Garrett

A brisk legend of the film industry, Andrei Tarkovsky is also a rather secretive and in some ways understudied figure in the history of cinematography. His life story is filled with obstacles and strange encounters, runs away from one thing – towards another, and never ceasing, dashing creativity of Tarkovsky the director, amidst which Tarkovsky the person was yet to be seen.

This is the image that students of Film would have of the great director.

In her memoir Andrei Tarkovsky: The Collector of Dreams author Layla Alexander-Garrett brings out a very different, fresh and stunning image of Tarkovsky and how he went about his work.

What reads as a mixture of intimate memories from the past and academic extrapolations of how to make a movie, is actually a recollection of how each scene from the set of The Sacrifice was made, with author’s own notes and comments with the inclusion of rare facts to the history of the film.

While working with Andrei Tarkovsky as an on-set interpretor, Layla Alexander-Garrett kept a diary which became the foundation for the memoir. An interesting fact – the book was predicted by Tarkovsky not long before his tragic passing.

And so in this volume the infamous Tarkovsky appears not as an icon, not as the creator of Solaris, not as a persecuted unfortunte public figure. Here, he is a soul, a living person, very much human, very much real, tangible and ever charming. Here he tells jokes and shouts at his crew, apologizes and shouts again; here he is a creative spirit, unstoppable, daring and wanting more from life, not just for himself.

Five stars and a must-have in the library of every filmmaker. Contains unique photographs and testimonies.

Available in the English language from Glagoslav Publications.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2013. All rights reserved.



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