7 08 2012
Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan (2007) is a very peculiar kind of movie. Very traditional and very Japanese, in a sense that the refined feel of the human presence and the environment is rather innerving.

The movie starts off as a documentary footage, slowly moving forward to the essence. This suspense is what makes this film a tangible experience.

The main character – Masaru Daisato – appears like a normal man who tells the story of his everyday life. Maybe he is a little out there, but other than that nothing extraordinary, if not for his ability to become very, very big. And he needs electricity to do that.

In Big Man Japan, the country needs protection from weird creatures. Who are they, where do they come from? I guess it’s up to us, viewers, to speculate about their origin and purpose. But in the movie the big man zaps himself and grows to an incredible height – so as to defeat the evil entities.

Not to spoil the pleasure of watching this mockumentary, one thing needs to be said – Big Man Japan is a parody on the modern society, it incorporates many elements of today’s Japanese society and culture, and in a subtle way hints to the state of society globally.

Entertaining in a very cunning manner, the film has an unusual format with inclusion of classic monster scenes, black & white footage and recognizable Japanese humor. Plain fun to watch.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2012. All rights reserved.

Big Man Japan Official Trailer



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