5 06 2012

The Lightkeepers

Starring Richard Dreyfuss and Tom Wisdom, The Lightkeepers (2009) is a very light, indeed, romantic comedy with a sweet flavor. When a young son of a British multimillionaire throws himself overboard a steamer somewhere in the vicinity of Cape Cod in 1912, little does he know that a new chapter in his life is about to begin. But first, he meets the light keeper.

Two men –  fussy and paranoid due to his respectful age Atkins and young dashing John Brown, call themselves ‘women haters’ and attribute many of their misfortunes to the presence of women in their lives. And so they strive to avoid them all together, protecting their self-inflicted paradise that has become the downtown joke.

Only the men’s little idyll is not destined to remain forever. Two women walk – or, shall we say, drive on a horse and carriage – into their isolated habitat, seeking quiet vacation at the beach near the lighthouse. However, what they find there is far from quiet.

Written and directed by Daniel Adams, this brilliant, refreshing comedy is played with the authenticity of the century old cultural heritage – so nicely done are the dialogues, the body language, the facial expressions and the characters’ costumes, the setting and their vivacious joyful manner of going about their daily business. The film demonstrates the importance of proper casting, as well as attention to detail in each scene.

In contrast to the recent trend in cinema and the demand for dramatic shocker-action films, The Lightkeepers is a delightful nuisance, serene, dynamic and entertaining.

For lovers of the English language and culture, this film is a real treat that doesn’t wear off its freshness after many a time.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2012. All rights reserved.

Official Trailer of The Lightkeepers (2009)



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