29 02 2012

20th Century Boys

‘Kenji, come play with me…’

Manga adaptation on screen is a risky undertaking. However, somehow, this didn’t scare creators of the Japanese film trilogy 20th Century Boys. The product that was first offered to the audience in 2008, now occupies its rightful place among the top productions of the Japanese film industry, having also been critically acclaimed on the international arena.

Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, the trilogy revolves around a story of young kids, boys who make a pact they pledge to honor with their lives. They go on into their adulthood, carrying memories of their childish games, only to discover that one of them took things way too seriously. Decades later, now all grown up and mature, they try to figure out who is behind the menacing events that suddenly begin enveloping the entire world. As reports of more deaths keep streaming in, Japan and the rest of the world slowly sinks into the almost animalistic fear of the one, who calls himself Friend.

Built on a number of urban legends and incorporating many cultural idiosyncrasies, 20th Century Boys is a dynamic science fiction action thriller that features polarized aspects of human nature being revealed in a classic confrontation of good v. evil. This ain’t no Godzilla, but the super-natural adrenalin-fed flavor stays strong throughout all three parts.

Very Japanese and very universal in its character, the trilogy has a global appeal and quality that will keep 20th Century Boys in the vintage selection of the modern day cinematography.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2012. All rights reserved.

More on the Official Site of 20th Century Boys UK 



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