15 01 2012

Capote hit the nerve with the harshness of a hammer and brushed over with the chilling subtlety of a feather. Ups and downs – like going over waves of a mathematical function – shattered illusions and myths. In the end there was nothing but the truth about the price of glory and the darkness of human psyche.

Very attentive, with the precision of a jeweler, performance by actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the supporting cast. Everyone in tune with the spirit of the epoch, the details of speech, dress, manners… And then there is the murder, the murderer and the prison, and the jokes outside it in the writer’s lounge. And then, there is the book.

Today’s authors and journalists, how far would you go for the story? Would you be deceitful and narcissistic in your desire to produce a masterpiece, and should you be entitled to doing so just because you happen to be a genius of your craft? Sixty years ago Truman Capote didn’t even blink before going behind bars on unlimited visits and nurturing the killer whom he needed to have killed, because such were the demands of his book. Or perhaps those were the demands of the time he lived in, the industry he worked for, the ideals of quality that he worshipped?

Capote doesn’t answer these questions – they remain hanging in the air, together with the body of a hanged criminal, grimacing at gruesome facts and an intense inner turmoil.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2012. All rights reserved.

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