29 10 2011


‘Please forgive me…’

When watching a science fiction movie, I look for elements that inspire my fantasy, entertain my intellect and invoke an intense thought process. For a good sci fi movie script, it’s essential to have action set in space; without it there wouldn’t be science fiction at all. An A-list science fiction movie will also be incomplete without faster-than-light travel (FTL), slipstream or hyperspace engines and subspace. When examining a particular movie in its entirety, I am interested in a hard core futuristic science and technology, artificial intelligence and robotic constructions, and an exploration of human relationship with that technology through a good proper acting. Dialogues containing explanations of processes in starships’ drives, quick fixes to sudden technical problems, system failures and collapses that require the crew’s ultimate performance… I pay attention to the futuristic language and the use of words; it pleases my linguistic brain.

An integral component of a good sci fi movie is an alien presence, an exotic planet or other celestial object, a life form (known or unknown, hostile or friendly) and human emotional and intellectual response to all that. If aliens are sentient, it’s very interesting to discover how humans might interact with them. I am curious to find out whether the movie will establish ethics and norms of social and personal behavior and study human-alien equation. If there’s a conflict around an alien presence, I’d like to learn how humans might work that out in the future.

Absence of aliens doesn’t necessarily make a science fiction film boring or unfit for the genre. Much depends on the time line and a reasonable possibility of the first contact. One might argue that in sci fi, anything goes. With that, I beg to differ. It’s all about connections, reliable and recognizable associations build from blocks of the actual reality, something viewers can draw from, something that causes the blood circulate quicker and the mind sweat harder.  A disaster movie in a futuristic setting with a prediction scenario, serving the role of a drill for the possible development of events in the future, is just as good. A well thought through catastrophe, a planet wide medical emergency or an eminent threat from outer space does it for me.

Of course I want to find out how our future society will change, evolve or degrade, will our attitude to things that matter change as well, will we be a recognizable human species, or will we become monsters we do not want to see in the mirror? I find that and more in a good science fiction movie. Just like Solar Crisis. Take my advice, go back in time and watch how a team of brave hearts saves the Earth. A bit of nostalgia for good old days when science fiction  in the film idustry wasn’t yet completely overtaken by high-tech digital software, fantastic special effects and fine acting will make it worth while.

Copyright Camilla Stein ©2011. All rights reserved.

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 C A M I L L A  S T E I N  S C I E N C E  F I C T I O N



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