12 06 2011

“Run away from home, get stoned, lose your sentimental outlook on life…”

There’s nothing cheerful in teenage depression. Nothing, especially when the condition gets out of hand and ends in the parents’ worst nightmare, leaving grieving souls to desperately try and trace their child’s steps into the past, aiming to find out what set the event off.

Nearly every parent can relate to a situation where they have no clue what goes down in their children’s lives, what games their teens play and how they often gamble with their very existence-because they think nobody cares.

Lighthouse Nights is here to tell how that happens and by doing so to hopefully prevent more losses.

need help?

call the national (USA) suicide prevention lifeline:


Perhaps the most accurate description of the book would be ‘the shadow of our time’. With the explosive and highly addictive boost of social media outlets, Internet draws more and more teenagers in. They grow up on the net. They socialize and they test values on the net. And this is where parents often underestimate dangers, because everything becomes possible on the highly hazardous electronic network accessible from tiny mobile devices that a kid can hide in a backpack, under a pillow, between books… And when nobody’s watching, terrible things occur.

A girl is being manipulated by an adolescent man into tricking other teens into a suicide. She is being skillfully conditioned into a relationship based on her participation in something they call ‘the pact’. They discuss it in a suicide chat room. They aren’t picky in ways they express themselves, and they keep a score that very soon becomes a frightening race. The girl even thinks that she likes and needs it, only deep in her heart she knows she doesn’t. That part of her surfaces when she meets a boy who thinks he can save her from herself, and when she is at the peak of a crisis, she is forced to make a life-altering choice. The one that will turn everything around. But at what price…

Lighthouse Nights contains parts purposely written in a chat-like format that adds to the pulp character of the book, and is using the type of language that parents do not want to hear. Having been completely taken aback by this book, I am telling you-if you want to know that side of the truth, this is what you have to do. No shy eyes and ears, folks, and one thing for sure-reading it will most certainly prove the killing potential of a word. Pay attention!

Lighthouse Nights might be the work of dark vulgar fiction, but who’s to tell that things like that never happen? After all, there’s no way of walking under the sun without looking at one’s shadow.

Caution: Adult Content.

 Copyright Camilla Stein ©2011. All rights reserved.

Lighthouse Nights (2011)

Author: Jake Vander Ark

Category: Dark Romance

ISBN 978-1-257-80761-1

Lighthouse Nights is available as screenplay. For details contact the author.


 C A M I L L A  S T E I N  S C I E N C E  F I C T I O N



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