3 05 2011

THX 1138

The Future Is Here – 40 Years Later

A month after Woodstock, George Lucas decides that the world needs to see one of his visions for the future, and so they begin filming. They shave actors’ heads and stage incredible stunts.

What is then released in 1971 becomes highly misunderstood.

The audience clearly wasn’t prepared to watch a dearly cherished dream of love being turned into a nightmare of mind control and dehumanization where this very love is a crime. And so, the future where a monastic technocracy (speculated to be caused by a natural development?) dominates the world is unappealing and shocking.

The movie strikes as a daunting psychological drama, much to the effect of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, not a film but a novel at the time THX 1138  was made.

The intricacy of the mind is being explored in THX 1138 by testing effects of isolation, confinement, heavy drug use and all things anti personification. Human survival is investigated in a science fiction mode, and who is to tell that this model of the future will escape us…

Awakening and search of one’s true identity, leading to an overwhelming desire for freedom, is what gives this movie a universal character. Questioning a self-imposed pseudo-righteousness and the authority of a groundless dogma is here an instrument on a path to self-realization.

What could be considered an avant-garde product of its time, THX 1138 today is a memorable piece of commendable acting and production in the film making history, a rightfully proclaimed Hollywood legend.

It is also a testimony of hard work and fine artistry that leaves generations after Woodstock with one bugging question…

…who is Omm ?

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